so I took a sewing class, and you should too..

why you need to take up sewing

I recently took up sewing in order to learn more about the garment industry, but I actually think more people should try and get into it and here's why 👇🏼

* Watch it in vlog form here *

Learning to mend and fix your clothes should be a life skill encouraged just like cooking, financial literacy or basic human hygiene. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The ability to adjust clothing to make them serve us better or a simple patch job, all contribute to reducing waste and reducing our foot print. 

Also it's just bad-ass being able to customize your clothes. 🔥

Name a more perfect hobby. Sewing, knitting or crocheting does not require any additional screen-time, it keeps your hands busy, gets you in a calm flow state. 

Plus the humming of the sewing machine is just chef's kiss.

Cottage-core is in, why not try something new this year that will benefit you and those around you. Give it a go! 🧵

Remember to be less shiddy to others, our planet, and yourself.

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